Among Ripples

Full game
added 24.1.2015

Among Ripples is sandboxish simulation ecosystem Take care of your lake, add new fish watch what happens and learn on their mistakes

Dark Pinapples and Chocolate

Full game
added 20.11.2011

Can you help Psynaptix defeat the evil chocolate coated aliens of Theobromia? Can you help him regain form as a human, and not a ridiculous flying pineapple, in order to finish his album in time for release?

Gythol Granditti: The Crypt of Darkness

Full game
added 29.7.2012

You play as Geoff Dandy, your average lout who gets dragged into adventuring by his friend of many years, Dolph Dombardo.

Helillom Planet

Full game
added 28.4.2005

Be an alien in this platformer with superb graphics. This great game has 49 cute one-screen levels.

Laxius Power - Random Story

Full game
added 30.4.2006

RPG from creators of the game Blades of Heaven, including 100 hours of gameplay, 8 characters to play, up to 50 quests...

Lego Digital Designer

Full game
added 10.4.2011

This is LEGO Digital Designer. The program that lets you build with LEGO bricks on your computer.

Little Lands

Full game
added 6.5.2017

Little Lands is a short strategy city-builder prototype about building on a cluster of tiles that randomly connect to your land over time, made for Ludum Dare 38. (A Small World)

Manic Miner - Silver Anniversary Edition

Full game
added 24.4.2010

Great Manic Miner Remake. Includes some extra features - new levels, 3 speed settings, and 3 graphics settings.

Mario Builder v11

Full game
added 20.6.2012

Mario Builder is a long-running project designed to let anyone easily create their very own Mario games! There are TONS of things to choose from.

Puzzle Master II

Full game
added 10.11.2005

This title included 5 puzzles with selectable number of tiles: 4,16,25,64,100,144. Have Fun!

Quest for Glory II

Full game
added 27.8.2008

After nearly 8 years in development, AGD Interactive is pleased to present this fully recreated, faithfully reproduced, and highly anticipated classic title from Sierra.


Full game
added 15.5.2018

Ransacked is a stealth thieving game in the third-person perspective, where a player controls a thief who can steal almost anything. During the experience the player travels between the Thieves’ Guild and a nearby village, looting homes for their items, avoiding guards, and selling stolen goods for gold.

Ricky Carmichaels Motocross Matchup PRO

Full game
Sports and Cars
added 12.1.2012

Finally, a racing game that everyone can enjoy! Racers have the chance to bang bars with some of the best in the business, including Ricky Carmichael himself!

Rival Chess

Full game
added 14.3.2006

A simple chess game. Included a lot of options and these variants: default chess / Kinglet / Shatranj / Selftake

Shin Megami Tensei: Synchronicity Prologue

Full game
added 16.10.2017

Shin Megami Tensei: Synchronicity Prologue stars Jack Frost and Jack O’Lantern, two notable characters from the Shin Megami Tensei universe.

Sinister Squidward
[ Adventure ]
Dead Space Demake
[ Action ]