Quest for Glory II

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Quest for Glory II

hank you for downloading the Quest for Glory II: Trial by Fire remake. In 1990, the EGA version of Quest for Glory II was released by Sierra On-Line as a sequel to the first game in the series, Quest for Glory I: So You Want to be a Hero. Quest for Glory II was the last Sierra title to be released under the SCI0 engine. It was also the final Sierra On-Line adventure game to use a parser-based interface, making it the only Quest for Glory game that was never developed in (nor updated to) VGA to utilize Sierra's newer Point & Click interface.

After nearly 8 years in development, AGD Interactive is pleased to present this fully recreated, faithfully reproduced, and highly anticipated title for fans of the Quest for Glory series and newcomers alike to enjoy. We have taken great measures to ensure that this remake maintains the charm of the original and that all of the dialogue, locations, scenes, characters, and Easter Eggs which people have come to know and love are completely intact and portrayed in the way that the Coles intended them to be experienced when they first designed the game.

That said, there are also a plethora of new features and improvements contained in this remake which are intended to help bring it in line with the other official Point & Click titles in the series. Some of these improvements include the option of playing with a text parser for communication (which should keep traditionalists happy), an optional simplified alley system, extra Silly Clowns, Digitally enhanced music, and even some hidden extras (both large and small) which you'll really have to put on your adventurers' cap to find!

The Quest for Glory II remake does not have a MIDI music soundtrack, and the digitally recorded soundtrack is included with the game to ensure that all players will be able to hear and play the game as intended.

REQUIREMENTS: CPU 500 MHz, 128 MB RAM, 8 MB VGA, Win 95/ 98/ ME / XP/ Vista

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