Occult Crime Police

added 23.9.2018 o 21:59
Occult Crime Police

Seven years ago, a missing persons case destroyed the reputation of Sheriff Miranda Warren. Now, a murder case at the same mysterious government facility offers her a chance at redemption. But to reach it, she’ll have to deal with a condescending FBI Agent, a main suspect who keeps lying to prove his own guilt, and whatever the hell a “Thought Influencer” is.

What is Occult Crime Police?

Occult Crime Police is a point-and-click detective game / visual novel about solving paranormal crimes in a sleepy desert town. Similar to games like Ace Attorney, OCP revolves around searching the crime scene for evidence, then using that evidence to find flaws in witness testimony. Solve a mystery with washed-up police sheriff Miranda Warren, margarita chugging medical examiner Carlos Tsukada, and amateur paranormal photographer Ash Jager. 

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