Brutal MooD

added 30.3.2018 o 15:23
Brutal MooD

Brutal MooD™ — is a fast-paced top-down bloody shooter that features classic elements of games from nineties.

Fight your way through hordes of possessed comrades and hellish creatures using the old-school arsenal (including Shotgun and Plasmagun). Bring zombies down with a buck shot of steel! Wipe the Horned out with a lead rain of Minigun! Show the Hell who is a real Demon out there!

Itching to tear the beasts with bare hands? Miss some good old school gameplay? Welcome to Brutal Mood™!


  • Lots of gore violence inspired by pioneers of the shooter genre.
  • Action-packed and sophisticated gameplay. Your skill will be challenged.
  • Detailed death animations with indelible blood.
  • Time-honored arsenal including classic Shotgun, Minigun and Grenade Launcher.
  • Various levels that you will have to cover with remnants of enemies.
  • A soundtrack conveying an oppression and hatred of the action.
  • Stylish and well-designed game graphics.

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