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Parallel Horizons fullgames/ Action [3.10.2014 15:08:01]
    Puzzle platformer with 8 levels to figure out. Can you get to the end?

    Type: Fullgame
    Lenght: 11 MB
    Rating: 82%
Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter Reborn - Trailer movies/ Action [25.9.2014 14:32:09]
    Carnivores is a first person shooting (FPS) game where players hunt the largest and most dangerous creatures to ever exist -- DINOSAURS!

    Type: Movie
    Lenght: 0 kB
    Rating: 87%
Autocraft - Alpha Trailer movies/ Logic [24.9.2014 9:57:18]
    Autocraft is a physics based puzzle game about building complex machines to accomplish objectives.

    Type: Movie
    Lenght: 0 kB
    Rating: 50%
Offworld fullgames/ Action [11.9.2014 16:42:07]
    Offworld is a single player third person shooter where players pilot an airship and fight for the dominion of their chosen clan!

    Type: Fullgame
    Lenght: 27 MB
    Rating: 94%
Soul Axiom - Early Access Game Footage movies/ Adventure [10.9.2014 16:15:21]
    From the studio that brought you Master Reboot comes a new first-person sci-fi adventure game that will take you on a journey through the deepest darkest recesses of your soul.

    Type: Movie
    Lenght: 0 kB
    Rating: 53%
Deity fullgames/ Action [5.9.2014 11:47:50]
    Use your wits and reflexes to avoid traps and chain together attacks on the unsuspecting guards in this stealth-based isometric dungeon crawler.

    Type: Fullgame
    Lenght: 181 MB
    Rating: 48%
Chained fullgames/ Logic [25.8.2014 16:34:04]
    Explore the psyche of an ordinary family man as he struggles to cope with the weight and consequences of his choices

    Type: Fullgame
    Lenght: 270 MB
    Rating: 73%
Earthrune fullgames/ Action [19.8.2014 16:28:39]
    Guide Layla in battle and make use of gestures to cast magical spells to battle foes and solve puzzles.

    Type: Fullgame
    Lenght: 330 MB
    Rating: 75%
Welcome to Ataria fullgames/ Action [3.8.2014 20:41:59]
    Welcome to Ataria is freeware action storytelling game. Its appearance is influenced by early GTA games and the story is inspired by Arab Spring.

    Type: Fullgame
    Lenght: 260 MB
    Rating: 63%
Bludný Holanďan fullgames/ Logic [30.7.2014 14:43:25]
    Czech puzzle game inside maze with many obstacles.

    Type: Fullgame
    Lenght: 32 MB
    Rating: 61%
Trine: Enchanted Edition - Trailer movies/ Action [25.7.2014 10:00:39]
    Trine Enchanted Edition is a remake of the original Trine, built using the Trine 2 engine.

    Type: Movie
    Lenght: 0 kB
    Rating: 76%
Grim Express fullgames/ Adventure [18.7.2014 11:06:43]
    All aboard the murder train!

    Type: Fullgame
    Lenght: 25 MB
    Rating: 72%
There Came an Echo - War Room movies/ Strategic [14.7.2014 11:03:52]
    Pre-Alpha footage of our new War Room mode!

    Type: Movie
    Lenght: 0 kB
    Rating: 54%
Stunt Rally v2.3 fullgames/ Sport [11.7.2014 11:34:37]
    The game features 153 tracks in 24 sceneries, 19 cars and a Track Editor.It focuses on closed rally tracks with possible stunt elements (jumps, loops, pipes).

    Type: Fullgame
    Lenght: 730 MB
    Rating: 77%
Ninja Pizza Girl demos/ Action [10.7.2014 17:15:27]
    The tasty slice of the game is covered in an old-school action platforming-flavours across two complete missions.

    Type: Demo
    Lenght: 73 MB
    Rating: 20%
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