Shadow Flare: Episode one

added 26.7.2005 o 16:27
Shadow Flare: Episode one

ShadowFlare is an outstanding role-playing/action game for a single player or network play (up to 4 players).
The scenario for this game takes places in the middle ages where witchcraft was common and the landscape was dotted with castles. In single player mode, when you start the game your mission will be to "Defeat the Red Goblin." There are of course other smaller, shorter goals to be acheived before this final goal can be accomplished. You start out the game as a male or female mercenary, but as the game progresses you might be able to change your occupation to that of a warrior, wizard/witch or even a hunter. Throughout the game there are hundreds of items to find and collect, some of which can restore your health and some which can kill the enemy. There is lots of gold to be found and items can even be bought, sold and traded. There are game characters to 'talk' with which will give you some of you more immediate goals. You have a dog called a companion, which follows you around defending you and can also do special tasks. To traverse the great distances which you have traveled on foot, there is a transporter available.

The game looks very good. Most 'moves' in the game can be performed using the mouse, but keyboard controls are also available.


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