RealRailway: Chitose line simulator

added 13.7.2005 o 12:52
RealRailway: Chitose line simulator

Railsim - only 3 stations, but the view is a real movie. Be a train driver on a rail in Japan.  The screen is a real movie. The train is very easy to control (by mouse), but it is not easy to stop on the right spots.

How I did it:Pull the big handle completely down and the train will start and drive at max. speed (120 km/h)On the right bottom side next the movie screen you will see the distance to the next station.When the distance is about 830 m, click the white button next the big handle. The train will slow down. If you are lucky it will stop on the right spot (let us say between 5m and -5m).
To correct: Pull the big handle a bit to move forwards or push it completely to the top to brake.
When you are on the right spot, push the big handle to the top. Now wait a bit (see the time table) and pull the big handle completely down again to drive to the next station...

The game is in simple graphic, with movie parts. Control - Use the MOUSE


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